Have a fun party at a delicious yakitori restaurant in Ikebukuro

A resort-like atmosphere is perfect for a date

Yakitori-ya, popular in Ikebukuro, is a shop that offers delicious cuisine and interiors like the summer sea. The dining bar has a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious yakitori and a variety of sake. In addition to classic drinks such as beer and highball, we offer a variety of cocktails and sours along with a delicious food menu.
Yakitori fondue, a combination of yakitori and cheese fondue, has good compatibility with liquor, and many people have become repeaters with a solid taste. The store with a sincere reception and careful customer service can be used for various occasions such as banquets and dates, so if you are looking for a tavern nearby, please come to the store.


The course menu of a stylish izakaya boasting a high repeat rate

We offer advantageous course menu


Please come to a delicious yakitori restaurant in Ikebukuro

Enjoy the delicious skewers


A large selection of liquors that match the delicious yakitori fondue

Have a good time with yakitori and sake


Delicious food and sake at a store inspired by the ocean house


Store name

Yakitori MOZU

Street address

3-15-2 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 2nd floor, Ferries Nishi-Ikebukuro

phone number
business hours

[Sunday to Wednesday]
17: 00 ~ 01: 00 LO 00:15
[Thursday-Saturday, before holidays]
17:00-04:00 LO 03:00


Yakitori-ya, which is surely popular in Ikebukuro, boasts a high repeat rate with a food menu using carefully selected ingredients and a dining bar with a wide range of liquors. Shops that pursue a cozy atmosphere can be used not only for dates but also for farewell parties and girls-only gatherings. We are waiting for you to prepare beer and yakitori in a stylish space.

About us

Please visit Yakitori MOZU, a popular yakitori restaurant in Ikebukuro

If you are looking for a yakitori restaurant, go to Ikebukuro's charming yakitori fondue

Yintori fondue is served in the dining bar, which is decorated in the image of the summer sea and serves delicious food and a wide range of liquors. There are many customers who have been repeat customers like dishes made with carefully selected meats and vegetables, and skewered with rich cheese. Yakitori Fondue, which is compatible with many drink menus such as cocktails and sours, is a gem that goes well with various occasions such as women's associations and farewell parties.
A variety of course menus can be enjoyed at stores with food menus such as snacks and fried foods. The course menu that is ideal for birthday parties and drinking parties can be ordered with all-you-can-drink, so you can enjoy the sake that matches the mood of the day, along with delicious dishes. The dining bar with good service and a safe atmosphere is open from 17:00 so that you can have a little fun, so if you are close to sightseeing or work, please do not miss it. Please come to the store.

Spend a relaxing time with yakitori restaurants in Ikebukuro

In the dining bar within walking distance from the nearest station, there is a food menu that takes into account compatibility with various sakes. The cuisine prepared by the staff trained in the famous store has a deep taste and you can have a more enjoyable time. Yakitori and pork skewers using carefully selected ingredients can be purchased separately or assorted. Please enjoy the skewers served by the staff, as they are prepared with great care to satisfy you.
An all-you-can-drink course is available for an extensive drink menu that suits the mood of the day. In addition to classic sake such as beer and highball, wine and shochu are also available, so please enjoy it with delicious food. The Hawaiian interior is a calm space, so regular customers as well as new customers can come to the store with peace of mind. We look forward to preparing delicious dishes, so please try out the dining bar that is popular among local residents.